10. To receive regular, personalized, objective feedback on your writing and helpful guidance through the revision process.

9. To broaden your horizons by trying out different kinds of writing and learning how to write different kinds of papers.

9. To prepare for the essay-writing portion of a standardized test.

8. To receive help with application essays.

7. To do what you love to do, fuel your creativity, feed your passion, and develop your writing talent.

6. To learn new skills that will make the writing process less agonizing, and hopefully easier and more enjoyable.

5. To master the basics of grammar, usage and mechanics.

4. To move beyond the basics to work on things like clarity, diction and style.

3. “I know good writing when I see it, but I don’t know exactly what it is, how to explain it, or how to do it!”

2. To be able to practice writing in a friendly, supportive, encouraging environment, with some accountability built in.

1. Because the ability to express oneself well in writing is an invaluable asset in school, in work, in life!