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Posted: August 19, 2014



Hello everyone! I hope you had a safe and relaxing and joyous summer. It’s that time of year again. I have decided to do things a bit differently this time around. Ms. Scribbles’ Workshop will be open this semester from October 1 – December 6 with a break during the week of Thanksgiving. So, you can sign up your child for a 30-day workshop anytime during that window, or you can sign them up for a two month workshop for the duration of that period. Email me if you would like to enroll and reserve your spot today! This is for the individualized workshops I offer through Ms. Scribbles’ Workshop, in which I work with the student on a one-on-one basis via email. We can choose our own projects, pace, and focus, depending on the students’ writing goals, strengths, weaknesses and needs. Read this website to learn more about the individualized workshops!

In addition to that, for those homeschoolers who might be looking for a more formal writing course and a classroom-type setting, I thought I would also mention that I am teaching 12th grade Creative Writing this year over at Kolbe’s Online Academy. You can read the details here. This runs September through May. Kolbe emphasizes imitation, in line with the classical mode of instruction, so this is also like a literature course in which we are going to read a lot of great poems and stories together.

There are benefits to both of course: writing classes and writing workshops. You get a bit more literature and camaraderie in a class, and this probably more easily qualifies for credit on a high school transcript, but you get more individualized attention and flexibility in a workshop. The workshops also work well for students who are enrolled in a traditional school, as they are something kids can do “on the side,” like an extracurricular activity, whereas classes are much more demanding, probably too demanding if you are already taking a full course load through a traditional school. You can sign up for my workshops by emailing me. You can sign up for the Creative Writing class by getting in touch with Kolbe. Oh! There is one more difference. Kolbe Academy is a Catholic school. While Ms. Scribbles’ Workshop welcomes and embraces young writers of all faiths, there is no particular religious bent to the workshops. I hope this didn’t totally confuse you! Feel free to email me if you have any questions about what might be best for your student.

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